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DAVID Laserscanner 3.7.1 x86/x64
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DAVID Laserscanner 3.7.1 x86/x64
DAVID Laserscanner 3.7.1 x86/x64 | 7.08 MB
Incredibly Low-Cost 3D Scanner for Everyone!

DAVID supports both, Laser Scanning AND Structured Light Scanning.

DAVID Laserscanner is a software package for low-cost 3D laser scanning. It allows scanning and digitizing of three-dimensional objects using a camera (e.g. a web cam), a hand-held line laser (i.e. one that projects a line, not just a point), and two plain boards in the background. Its most distinctive feature is that the laser line can simply be swept over the object by hand (like a virtual brush) until the results are satisfactory. At the same time, DAVID Laserscanner generates 3D data in real time and shows them on the computer screen.

The resulting 3D mesh can be exported into well-known file formats and can thus be imported and processed in most 3D applications. The software is also able to grab the texture and "stitch together" scans made from different viewing directions.

What do I need to build a 3D Laser Scanner?

A camera (e.g. web cam)
A hand-held line laser (starting at €19.90)
Two plain boards in the background
A Windows PC
Our free software DAVID-laserscanner

What do I need for a Structured Light Scanner?

A camera (e.g. web cam)
A video projector
Two plain boards (for calibration only)
A Windows PC
Our free software DAVID-laserscanner


Installation instructions:

- install DAVID-Laserscanner and launch it
- go to Help -> License and Version Info and copy the Reg.ID
- close the application
- copy the Patch to the install folder (usually ProgramFiles(x86)\DAVID-LASERSCANNER3\)
- run the Patch WITH ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILEGES and click the Patch button
- click Generate when license generator opens
- enjoy your scanningor

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