» » Image-Line - FL Studio Producer Edition XXL 7.0.2
Image-Line - FL Studio Producer Edition XXL 7.0.2
Скачать BMW ETK 12.2014 Multilingual

BMW ETK 12.2014 Multilingual | 5.3 GB BMW ETK contains the whole range of items offered for sale by BMW Group and is intended to facilitate the retrieval of necessary spare parts (car parts and motorcycle), supplies and accessories. To do this at your disposal a variety of search functions, such as searching by name, by part number, and so on. In addition, the system offers detailed information on specific details, as well as the ability to create so-called parts list of found parts....

Скачать Клипарт Знаки Доллара

Количество: 5 шт. | Разрешение: up to 9834x5900 pix | 300 dpi | Формат: JPG Традиционно символ доллара ($) пишется с двумя вертикальными чёрточками, однако в современных компьютерных шрифтах все чаще используется начертание с одной чертой. Но и тот, и другой вариант можно использовать! Вашему внимаю предоставлен высококачественный клипарт с изображением символа долларовых денежных едениц как с одной, так и с двумя черточками....

Image-Line - FL Studio Producer Edition XXL 7.0.2

Image-Line - FL Studio Producer Edition XXL 7.0.2
English | Image-Line - FL Studio Producer Edition XXL 7.0.2 | 92 MB

FL Studio (FruityLoops) - well-proven program that has a synthesizer, drum machine, samples, and all the things that need musicians to create their works.
Full featured sequencer for creating music and drum loops (drum-loops) with the mechanism of the internal mixing and advanced support for external MIDI-devices. Established track or loop can be exported to a file or a MIDI-wav, mp3-file. FruityLoops is TRACK (pattern) sequencer, where making music is a Piano Roll, Step Sequencer, and then assembled in the Playlist. A large collection of ready-made tools + a lot of effects in real time.
A list of some key features: internal mixing - 32 bit floating-point, sampling up to 96kHz stereo; support DirectSound and ASIO drivers, and full-mastering high-level special effects filters: reverb, compressor, procedural equalizer, distortion, phaser, flanger, bass boost, delay line and others mixer for 68 lanes, built-in instruments: Sampler TS404 (the popular engine to create bassline), 3xOSC (subsynth), Plucked! (Plucked strings), MIDI Out, DX10 (FM-synthesis), FL Keys (realistic piano), Scratcher (emulator scratch), WaveTraveller (envelope wave synth), Wasp (demo), SimSynth Live (demo) and others write and real-time control, easy remote MIDI-control of most parameters (VST plugins also supported); import *. wav, *. syn (SimSynth 1 & 2), *. ds (DrumSynth), with the accompanying effects, import and export MIDI sequences , export audio to 16-bit or 32-bit format *. wav, *. mp3.

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The Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Method 2xDVD5 | NTSC 16:9 (720x480) VBR | MPEG2 ~5620 kbps | English: AC3, 224 kb/s (2 ch) | Duration: 01:40:41 + 01:23:47 | + 2 PDF Booklets | 3.95 GB + 3.63 GB Genre: Guitar lessons Based on his popular book published by Acoustic Guitar magazine, David Hamburger's DVD lessons provide a comprehensive examination of the two most essential fingerstyle approaches: Travis picking and steady-bass blues style. He teaches each concept and follows it up with a classic song or instrumental from the blues, country, folk and ragtime traditions, then progresses, lesson-by-lesson, as powerful new techniques - blues scales, walking bass lines, chord substitutions, double stops, moves up the neck and lots more - are added. Fingerpicking is one of the most sought-after, intriguing and challenging of all acoustic guitar...

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What Digital Camera Magazine January 2015 English | 100 Pages | True PDF | 30MB What Digital Camera is the world’s oldest digital photography magazine and the UK’s biggest selling guide to digital cameras and accessories. Its mission is to inform readers on what to buy and how to use it. Packed with authoritative, independent reviews of the latest gear, from DSLRs and compacts, to lenses, flashguns and software, it also offers impartial buying advice, easy to follow tutorials on getting the best from your camera and inspirational features on photographers’ own gear. The listings section at the back provides a comprehensive buyers' guide, including nearly 1000 cameras, lenses and accessories....

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WIRED USA - January 2015 English | 104 pages | True PDF | 25.00 Mb The WIRED mission is to tell the world something they’ve never heard before in a way they’ve never seen before. It’s about turning new ideas into everyday reality. It’s about seeding our community of influencers with the ideas that will shape and transform our collective future. (This title is intended for mature audiences.) Take a look for yourself....